Energy Saving Devices

Even if you are not ready to purchase a Solar Photovoltaic System for your home, you can still make a large difference in your electric bill. Genesis Energy Corporation provides solutions, even to the modest household. Our goal is to reach every household and urge every Californian to make a difference, no matter how small.

Solar Landscape Lighting

You've probably seen the solar landscape lighting sold in retail stores, and you may have even bought them to accent your yard. Now you've tried them, and have become disenchanted by the dim lighting you received. You've probably realized that they need to be placed only in areas that get optimum sunlight in your yard, only to find that part of the day, they are shaded no matter how well-placed.

We have a solution for you. What would you think if we told you that you can place your lighting anywhere in your yard – under a tree, behind a bush, between your palm trees – and no matter where you put them, they will light up for you when the sun goes down.

You can even put them on a timer, at your discretion, to come on at a certain hour and turn off when you retire for the night – all at no cost to your electric bill.

Our lighting is so bright, you won't even notice a difference between traditional landscape lighting and the energy-efficient bulbs we offer. But keep in mind, you will be using only a fraction of energy in the process. Your electric bill will feel the difference, and so will your pocketbook.

We provide lighting for the sophisticated home owner that wants a clean look in their yard. You not only will be able to entertain outdoors with no energy costs, but you will impress your family and friends with how bright the lighting is and that it is run on the sun, alone.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Genesis Energy Corporation is a leader in researching the newest, most futuristic light bulbs available. We are on the cutting-edge of lighting and have the newest products on hand. The lighting industry has exploded in new technology and design. Let us help you find the best lighting solutions for your home and business.

This is the most positive way for you to take advantage of lowering your electric bill and making a difference in our environment. These new bulbs are having a major impact on the future of our planet.

Solar Fans & Attic Fans

As the planet becomes hotter and the climate changes, Genesis Energy Corporation has provided solutions to your needs. We install solar attic fans that will cool your home, without the expense of added electricity costs. Ask us about our solar fans, not only for your attic, but in other areas of your household or business.

Solar Emergency Lighting

Always innovative and looking toward the future, the owners of Genesis Energy Corporation have solutions to California's emergency survival needs as well. When an emergency occurs and our energy sources are no longer viable, we have designed a lighting solution for households and businesses in case of an earthquake or other emergencies.

Imagine having your power go out, and then, in a split second, the lights come on in your hallway, your utility room, or any room that you decide to keep your emergency supplies. No longer fumbling in the dark, but feeling secure because you have had the fore-sight to prepare for such an emergency and keep your family safe.

Our emergency solar lighting is an added benefit in your family's welfare , helping to keep you calm when your safety is compromised. Not only will our lighting calm them down, but you will feel in control of your situation.

No matter what your energy needs are, Genesis Energy Corporation is forward-thinking and ahead of the curve, and can provide you with many options.