The Future of Energy

Our planet is in peril and every one of us can make a difference. Be it through putting solar panels on our roofs, or merely changing out our existing lightbulbs, we all must take some action to make a difference for the future.

Genesis Energy Corporation looks to world leaders in renewable energy, such as the Germany's buyback system, to shape the future of energy sources. Did you know that German residents are paid for any extra solar electricity produced at their homes? We want to see that kind of commitment here in our country and our state. The power grid consortiums and organizations are actively working to modernize the energy infrastructure to create an Intelligent Power Grid that enables these types of incentives. Even now, there are a multitude of rebate programs and similar incentives offered through the electric utilities and municipalities. Genesis Energy Corporation fully supports these programs and the forward-thinking people that want to make a difference for the future of our planet. Homeowners and businesses across the country are realizing the affordability and cost-effectiveness of solar electricity.

Genesis Energy Corporation wants to bring a mind-set of renewable energy to the U.S., and specifically to California, because we know that Californians have always been the leaders in the nation. Not only has California set the standard for health and well-being, but we have always been one step ahead of the nation in coming together, as a people, and leading the way. The California Solar Initiative is meant to do just that, aiming to generate 3,000 megawatts of solar-generated electricity by 2017.

California and its people are consciously aware and understand that we are all connected – not only with each other, but with the environment. Genesis Energy Corporation is concerned about our wildlife and the rapid destruction of our natural resources. We urge all of you to join us in doing anything you can to make the State of California a leader in our country for renewable energy sources.