Our Vision

Genesis means "a new beginning" and our company's goal is to help make people aware of their responsibility to do their part to save the environment, the planet, and the world they live in. With this in mind, we want to create a new beginning for California and our planet.

Mark Irwin, Founder & President

Born in Los Angeles, California, Mark Irwin attended USC, majoring in the sciences.  Mark brings to the Company over 30 years experience as a General Contractor, with an overall knowledge of relevant trades including roofing, electrical, and plumbing, in addition to building, wood-working, and finish work.

Making his home in the Conejo Valley for the last 27 years, Mark has built a reputation in the community as an honest, dependable, and trustworthy contractor and is a perfectionist in crafting beautiful installations and systems with a clean look.

Beginning in the 1980's, Mark has been very interested in the solar industry and the conservation it could bring to the earth. He has been in the solar electric industry since 1999 after his realization that electric bills were climbing and there must be an immediate solution to this growing crisis.

In his work in the solar marketplace, Mark has fulfilled his dream of making a difference through clean power. His integrity and passion drives him to constantly educate those around him about the potential of solar energy and the need for all of us to harness the sun's power and take the necessary steps to change our future and the future of the planet.

He was one of the pioneers in residential solar electric systems, having a large system installed on his own home with battery back-up included.